Xanadu is hiring! We moved our technology department to Barcelona in 2015, and this is where most recruitment is taking place. We are currently looking to increase our development and trading teams in Barcelona (see below). We also accept applications for general consideration outside of the job profiles listed below. All applications please to careers@xanadutrading.com, with cover letter and CV attached.


Our recruitment process varies according to position and experience level of the candidate, however, in general, kicking it off is as easy as could be. A short email, with cover letter and CV attached, will do. From there it may include any of the following: a telephone interview, a coding test, video interviews, onsite interviews, full onsite test days.


Our full-time developers form the backbone of our technology department - they are the shoulders the company stands on. They provide the experience, knowledge and technical leadership that Xanadu rests upon. They are responsible for making Xanadu succeed in our ambitious mission in a highly competitive industry.

This is a very exciting time to join us as we are still relatively small - as successful applicant you would still have a fair amount of influence on shaping the company and helping it realize its vision. You would assume responsibility quickly, have a steep learning curve and with experience the potential to take on a leadership role soon.


Please find below our current job offerings for the Development team


Please find below our current job offerings for the Trading team

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