Xanadu believes in responsibility, fairness, transparency and individuality.


Xanadu believes that responsible market making adds significant value to society. Market makers provide market participants - be that hedgers, investors or speculators - with improved prices, lower spreads, added liquidity and better price discovery. A case in point are pension funds - by saving them execution costs, the market makers responsible improve pensions all over the world by that tiny yet overall significant fraction. Hence, we believe the best thing a market making company can do is its job - and to do it well. And if we wouldn't believe this to be the case, we wouldn't be doing what we are doing.

Xanadu also feels strongly about responsibility for its employees - and takes its obligations and promises towards them very seriously.


We fundamentally believe in fairness and transparency. Towards our employees - be that in the recruiting process (we provide constant and honest feedback throughout the entire process - to every applicant), be that in compensation (promises are kept, compensation is open and revealable at choice - no secrets), be that in feedback (ongoing open feedback processes) or be that in promotions (everyone considered). Fairness and transparency towards our stakeholders. And fairness towards our competition.


We feel that everyone is different, and as such, everyone needs to be treated differently. This begins at the hiring process (flexible, no fixed timelines), continues on through the employment contract (individual career tracks, no fixed compensation structure, neither in structure nor in level) and never ends afterwards - may that relate to the environment you prefer to work in (from private office to shared trading floor), to how you spread your work hours, to your personal workspace, and so on and so forth.

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