At Xanadu, coding is at the heart of what we do - and we strive to make coding here innovative, pragmatic and fun. And although we are a trading company, we are much closer to a technology company than most trading companies - think university research department, rather than trading floor. Ultimately, we strive for private offices and quietness. Of course, private offices don't always make sense, and for certain roles we prefer shared spaces. We strongly believe in flow work - we offer a quiet environment, non-disturb hours (no meetings, no phone, closed doors, limited knocking and email), quick compile cycles, we subscribe and support most developers bill of rights (such as The Programmer's Bill of Rights), we try to maximize employee control over their personal workspace, provide food and entertainment and to generally remove any obstacles employees might face. We dress casually.


Xanadu endeavours not just to be a place of work - we cherish and want to encourage (optional) social life outside of work, and want to offer multiple activities and excursions throughout the year to foster relationships within the company. What those are is entirely flexible, but could involve anything from tapas & drinks to kite surfing and mountain biking. It is here that our Barcelona office can really excel in terms of weather, geography and outdoor activities on offer. And as we are so young, our early employees can have a significant impact in shaping our vision into reality.


Work life balance is important to us. That is not to say we don't work very hard - we expect a minimum of forty working hours a week - but it does mean a few other things. It means we also give our employees as much flexibility over when they work as feasible. We choose Barcelona in Spain for our second European office - for sun, hot but not boiling weather and beach. We generally respect weekends. We aim to reduce stress. We focus on happiness in the office. We try to accommodate private life as much as possible. And to have a good time - both at the office, and outside the office.

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